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Co2 Fire Extinguishers


When are Co2 fire extinguishers obsolete?

I know about the regulations for stored pressure dry chemical and water, but I'm not sure where to find out about Co2. Is it something to do with the classification of B1 C1? Are there any restrictions on the age of the cylinder like in dry chemical stored pressure extinguishers? Any info. or D.O.T. links you can provide would be helpful.


1) Under obsolete extinguishers in Title 19 577.2

(11) states that any stored pressure fire extinguisher manufactured prior to 1955.

So any CO2 older than 1955 is obsolete.

 (12) states that any extinguisher that has a 4B 6B 8B 12B and 16B fire rating.

Part of the justification for this item stated that these are old ratings do not meet the current rating requirements for the selection and placement of fire extinguishers in Title 19. They achieved their rating using different test scenarios than adopted today, and there are no parts left available for these extinguishers rending them unserviceable.

While we do not have the date the rating system changed, any CO2 extinguisher that has these “obsolete” rating numbers is obsolete and is to be replace.

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