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2020 License Concern Renewals
Physical Items Need to be sent into
Office of the State Fire Marshal

For License Concern Renewals:

We’d like to help answer some questions we have received about the 2020 License Renewal process:

While as part of the process online renewal (in GovMotus) you will have uploaded documents such as:

  • Current General Liability Certificate of Insurance (with State Fire Marshal listed as Certificate Holder)
  • Board of Equalization resale License (with correct physical address)
  • Current Reciprocal Letter/Agreement – (for CO2, Hydrostatic testing, High-pressure Cylinder, and Halon Tear-Down, etc.)
  • Valid Local Business License (Maybe from City or County depending on your business location)
  • Valid Department of Transportation Letter (if applicable)
  • Clean Agent Getz Certificate (or equivalent) – (if applicable)

As part of the renewal process –
there is still a requirement to provide certain
PHYSICAL Items as well

To help your license concern “company license” renewal process complete more smoothly –
Plan to mail-in Physical copies of the following items:

  • Sample company Service Tags and Labels – photocopies are NOT accepted
  • Sample Company low-pressure Hydrostatic Test Label (if applicable)
  • Sample Verification of Service Collars – All sizes – photocopies are NOT accepted

We have confirmed the best address to mail these physical items is:
CAL FIRE / Office of the State Fire Marshal
Fire Extinguisher Program
2251 Harvard Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento CA 95815
Attn: Wanda Albritten
Some firms have made the choice to mail these items in using a method that has tracking capabilities – USPS Express Mail, UPS with tracking, Federal Express, etc.

If you have further questions – please contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal
OSFM / Fire Engineering and Investigations / Fire Extinguisher Program


OSFM CofR Testing

CALSAFE was informed by the OSFM, that the testing for the Certificate of Registration in the Fire Extinguisher Program was to be temporarily suspended as of October 1st…until after the start of 2019.
Thanks to the letters, provided by our membership and CALSAFE Board,  that described the challenges that this suspension would  cause, the Office of the State Fire Marshal has changed their process and testing will continue thru mid-November 2018.

Those that pass the requirements and testing, will be issued a ‘Temporary Certificate of Registration’, valid thru January 2019.

The new C of R will be issued in 2019 with no additional fees.
Please understand that this creates a REAL CHALLENGE for the OSFM, as they have renewals for most of their programs that fall during that period of time.  We need to acknowledge them for this extra effort on our behalf. This should to be the last year of the ‘Old Process’, as it is expected that the ‘Contract Testing’ will have a start date early in 2019. I think we are all looking forward to that.
Please take a moment to thank the OSFM for their consideration on our behalf.  Thanks!

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Laws and Regulations

Laws and Regulations for Automatic Extinguishing Systems (updated 05/01/2017)

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Do you know the fire extinguisher requirement for an Asphalt Kettle? If you were at the CALSAFE Annual Meeting you would have leaned the answer to this and many more extinguisher requirements that are not in Title 19 but in the California Fire Code. Read more about the requirements from the Fire Code you may not be aware of.”

Interested in Advertising with CALSAFE

The California Association of Life Safety and Fire Equipment (CALSAFE) is pleased to announce our new advertising program for 2017. Your organization will be able to efficiently maximize your marketing dollars through CALSAFE’s uniquely targeted advertising program that offers exposure through our quarterly newsletters, our website and at our Annual Meeting.

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Updated 9/1/2015

We need Emails sent to OSFM regarding the suspension of Certificate of Registration testing.

Posted August 27, 2018

Office of State Fire Marshal is once again going to suspend 'Certificate of Registration' testing for the last 3 months of this year.

We were assured last year would be the last time necessary, as the contract testing would be in effect for this year and in future.

CALSAFE Members shared with us their frustration.

  • The testing suspension was not just the three months suspension.
    • Hire Technician September 2018
    • Decide they are good fit so send application in for testing October 2018 (no testing or scheduling until January 2019)
      • Technician can no longer service Fire Extinguishers as of December 2018, 90 Days after hire.
        • This requires layoff or redirection if company has ability to facilitate in another position until 2019.
    • Receive notice January 15, 2019 Technician replies.
      • History has shown office cannot immediately process after first of year.
    • Technician received Test Date in February or early March.
  • The Technician has now been out of work from December thru February (best case) 90 + Days.
    • Company has not had the service of the Technician for that 90 + Days.

This is best case scenario as there is a very good possibility the Technician will get frustrated and find another position.

**Download the email template**
Please email to

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